26 years old. 

In love with Italy.

With ups & downs.



Choose what you like

Or take them all.


Creamy, tasty and soft organic risotto from Vespolate, Italy. With a squeeze of fresh lemonjuice, if you like. Surprise your guests, but first first of all; enjoy it yourself! Fancy a dessert? Try my delicious homemade lemonbrownies!


Crispy grilled focaccia's filled with  heavenly combinations of meat, fish, cheese, herbs and nuts. Perfect as lunch, but also as appetizers before the risotto! Discover my 8 different focaccia's.


You want some sparkling refreshments after a wedding ceremony, business party, or just for a reception? We've got it all! From organic frizzante to homemade lemonades with lemons from Sorrento, Italy. Cheers!


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